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Nervogen Pro Supplement is formulated for neuropathic pain and disorders. We should come to know that these disorders and pain are very chronic problems in the people.

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What is Nervogen Pro?

Nervogen Pro is a nervous system supplement sold online through

The supplement claims to support nerve health using five ingredients, including passion flower, marshmallow root, corydalis, prickly pear, and poppy extract.

By taking two capsules of Nervogen Pro per day, you can purportedly support healthy nerve functioning within your brain and throughout your body.

Nervogen Pro is marketed towards older adults who want to recapture their cognitive ability. If you have felt brain fog, weaker memory, or other symptoms of cognitive decline, then Nervogen Pro markets itself as a solution.

It’s also marketed towards people with impaired nerve function – like diabetics seeking relief from diabetic neuropathy.

Obviously, there are plenty of supplements sold online today that advertise similar effects – and most of them don’t work. Some of them are complete scams. Is Nervogen Pro yet another overhyped nootropic supplement? Or does it really supercharge your nervous system? Let’s take a closer look at how Nervogen Pro works.

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What are the ingredients of Nervogen Pro?

Nervogen Pro uses natural ingredients which will help your Brian and nerves communicate better, faster, and more efficiently. You can find the list of their ingredients both on their packaging and on their official website. To save you some time, below, we have provided the Nervogen Pro ingredients and their effect on your health.

Passionflower (Passiflora Incarnate):
passion flower is a plant that has been used by tribes throughout the Amazons for years because of its pain-relieving and sedative effects. This plant was discovered in 1569 by a Spanish explorer and since then has been used throughout Europe for its calming properties. Passionflower also helps patients suffering from insomnia or anxiety. Recent research suggests that this plant’s extract increases GABA in the brain by a noticeable margin. Furthermore, it can help people suffering from ADHD and stress.

Marshmallow Root:
the plant known as marshmallow root, also called Althaea Officinalis, has been used in traditional medicine since approximately 2800 years ago among the Greeks and Egyptians. It is still being used by holistic practitioners because of its incredible effects on inflammation and killing bacteria. The more-recent evidence on its effects shows us that it has a promising impact on bacterial infections, inflammatory diseases, digestive issues, and eczema, in addition to many more effects that could not all be mentioned here.

corydalis is a long-known plant usually found in the northern hemisphere, typically consisting of clusters of flowers. It has been known in Chinese medicine as a plant that increases blood flow and treats peptic ulcers. In its effects regarding pain relief, corydalis contains an alkaloid known as DL-tetrahydropalmatine (DL-THP), which blocks dopamine blockers in the brain and thus creates a sedative effect. Recent studies have shown that this plant has promising anti-inflammatory and injury-induced neuropathic pain relief effects. Furthermore, the ancient Chinese found that corydalis also has mild but positive effects on depression and other mental disorders.

Prickly pear:
known by scientists as Opuntia, prickly pear is a fruit native to the southwest united states and is recognizable by its purple color and pear-like shape. There is some evidence that suggests it has immune-boosting effects. We do know for a fact that it is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that can help patients suffering from high blood cholesterol and different digestive issues such as ulcers and diarrhea. Further research suggests that this plant also has anti-clastogenic effects, which keep you safe from DNA damage. The magnesium, iron, and potassium that this plant contains are known to help with nerve relaxation.

California poppy seed:
native to northern America, this plant is widely known to treat anxiety and sleep disorders. California poppy seeds are the most popular among plants that are used for their medicinal purposes. Its extract has been used for many decades for its sedative effects when modern medicine did not exist. The effects of this plant take place by having its compounds act on GABA receptors. The receptors that respond to gamma-aminobutyric acid inhibit neuron firing. Most drugs associated with GABA receptors have sedative effects and can help with insomnia and other sleep disorders. Keep in mind that the effects on sleep are optimal when this herb is used with other herbs.

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Supplement Facts:

Passionflower 145 mg
Marshmallow (Root) 110 mg
Corydalis 100 mg
Prickly Pear 50 mg
California poppy (Seed) 45 mg
Serving Size: 2 Veggie Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Nervogen Pro Side-Effects

As far as custom reports and studies go, there has not yet been a single report of adverse side effects when taking the recommended dosage. Taking more than the recommended dosage is not safe and can seriously harm your body.


Nervogen Pro Advantages

Almost all of Nervogen Pro customers are people suffering from neuropathic pain, and this product has been specifically made to benefit this particular group. Below is a list of benefits that the company has officially attributed to its product.

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Improving overall health by boosting your immune system
Fighting different types of diseases and putting more focus on your immune system
Improving cognitive functions and possible hindrances to adequate functioning
Improving muscle health and strengthening your bones
Fighting stress, pain, insomnia, and different digestive problems
Improving self-esteem
Protecting you against type-2 diabetes
Reducing the risk of heart-related diseases and high cholesterol
Protecting you against perennial blood vessels

How To Buy Nervogen Pro?

If you want to purchase Nervogen Pro, all you need to do is visit their official website and place your order. After having done so, you will need to pay the required fee, and your order will be shipped to you as soon as possible. The next step is receiving your tracking ID. Approximately 60 hours after having your order shipped, you will receive an email that contains your shipping tracking ID and allows you to track the product in real-time.

Nervogen Pro Amazon price

Although you can buy Nervogen Pro via third-party websites such as Amazon, we recommend you get it via the official Nervogen Pro website because they are offering a generous 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. In addition, the website is very easy to use; so why not order it from there instead?

Here is the official pricing list according to the official website:

One bottle: 69$ + free shipping in the US
Three bottles: 177$ + free shipping in the US
Six bottles: 294$ + free shipping in the US
The last thing you need to keep in mind is that the company only ships to the United States, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Canada.


Final Verdict

Overall NervoGen Pro reviews, The formula for Nervogen Pro has been tested multiple times in different studies and has proven to be effective and fast-acting in every last one of them. The product is made up of entirely natural ingredients to ensure that every bottle of Nervogen Pro is side-effect-free. As we have explained thoroughly, their ingredients have anti-inflammatory effects, are rich in antioxidants, and help with mild depression. Customers can be sure that this supplement will help them get rid of nerve pain and have higher self-esteem. Time is of the essence here since they offer limited-time offers on all of their discounts.


Where is Nervogen Pro manufactured?

Nervogen Pro has been manufactured in facilities that are GMP-certified in the US. A GMP certification means that the product has been made under strict guidelines and with high-quality material. Their main production facility is in Englewood, Colorado, USA.

How Long does it take to work?

The first signs that Nervogen Pro is working can be seen after the first two weeks. Within two months, the effects will be noticeable for almost all patients. The optimal result will be achieved after having consumed the product for at least six months, every day.

What is the refund policy on Nervogen Pro?

All customers who buy the product via the official website can use the 60-day money-back guarantee. To get into further detail, you can have all of your money returned to your bank account if you return your bottles 60-days after being shipped. The company will let you know when the product is shipped via email. Two things that you need to keep in mind are: the company does not cover return shipping costs, you must send back ALL the bottles, and the company will make sure your money is returned a couple of days after receiving the bottles.

When should I start taking Nervogen Pro?

We can’t specify when you should or shouldn’t start taking a supplement, but you can take nervogen Pro as soon as you start experiencing nerve pain so as to both calm the nerves, so to say, and treat your condition with an all-natural nerve pain supplement which will help you tremendously. Keep in mind that you should consult with your doctor or physician before taking any drugs or supplements so that you can avoid the severe health problems that might come with mixing two or more drugs.